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A lot of folks are of the opinion that cleaning drains is a job that you don't have to be very smart to do, but nothing could be further from the truth & when a clogged drain is cleaned the level of skill of the plumber cleaning the drain & the technique that he uses to clean the drain often has a lot to do with how long it’s going to be before the drain gets plugged again.

For drain cleaning services in Prairie Village and throughout the Kansas City area, you need Dick Ray Master Plumber. We don't take shortcuts when we clean drains. We use whatever technique is best to ensure that the drain will stay open as long as possible even if it makes the job take a little longer…

Plugged main sewer lines: There's probably no more unpleasant plugged drain than when the main sewer line leading from your home to the city sewer line becomes plugged with tree roots or some other obstruction. Often the result is raw sewage & toilet paper backing up in your basement floor drain…not a pleasant scenario. In order to do a really good job of cleaning the roots or obstruction from your line it takes a really large powerful machine with a large diameter inner-core type reinforced cable & a large full sized cutter on the end of the cable. This is no job for a little cheapie underpowered undersized machine which some of our competitors use. They may get the line open with their small machine but it’s not going to stay open as long. For this job we use our big heavy Spartan 1065 rooters with ¾” inner core cable & large root cutting blades. The machines are bigger & heavier & more difficult to use but they just do a lot better job of cleaning that plugged sewer line.

Sewer Camera Inspection & Problem Location: Every now & then, when we are called on to perform drain cleaning services in the Kansas City area, we run across a plugged main sewer line which has a more serious problem & although we use our good Spartan 1065 machine we are unable to get a good long term solution to the plugged sewer problem. Sometimes the sewer pipe is physically broken or separated underground. In other cases the sewer is not broken but has settled in one place to form a low spot which we plumbers call a “belly” in the pipe. A belly is a location in the sewer where the sewer is going downhill as it should but then levels out & then actually starts going uphill. This causes a low spot or belly in the pipe which holds standing water & waste which will eventually plug the line. In the beginning stages a belly will actually flow liquids & water okay but solid waste will collect there & eventually plug the line.

At any rate if you have a more serious problem with your sewer line…more than just a simple obstruction…then the first thing we need to do is to push our sewer inspection video camera into your line & inspect the interior of the underground line all the way from your house to the point of connection with the city sewer main. With the camera we can see the problem areas in your sewer that need repaired. When we see a problem spot in your sewer with the camera we need to locate it accurately so we will know where to dig to fix it.  Our camera has a location transmitter attached to it & when we see a problem with the camera we can go outside your house with a radio signal receiver which will pinpoint the location of the problem & tell us where to dig to make repairs…It's a neat system & works well.

Kitchen & bath drains: It's just plain annoying when your kitchen drain line or garbage disposer gets plugged up…or maybe your bathtub or shower drain is slow & you end up standing is a puddle of water while showering or maybe it’s the basement floor drain next to the furnace which causes condensate from the furnace & air conditioner & humidifier to back up in a puddle around the drain or maybe the problem is with a bathroom sink drain…Whatever the plugged drain problem is we can fix it using techniques we have perfected over the years since we first went into business in 1949. When it comes to drain cleaning services in Prairie Village, KS, and the surrounding areas, those decades of plumbing history are key. Experience really does make a big difference if you want a drain cleaning job that will last a long time.

Sewer or Main Line Replacement: Sometimes standard drain cleaning services just aren't enough. Sometimes the sewer pipe is physically broken or separated underground. In other cases the sewer is not broken but has settled in one place to form a low spot which we plumbers call a "belly" in the pipe. In these instances a repair or a replacement is necessary. There are a few methods available to fix these issues. The easiest fix is what is referred to as a spot repair. This means we simply dig down anywhere from 4 to 15 feet, remove the section of bad pipe and replace it. The next method would call for replacing the entire sewer line by means of digging a new trench and replacing the line from where it exits your home or building to where it connects the municipal main sewer line. The next method is referred to as trench less or pipe bursting. We often use this method when sewer lines run underneath driveways, porches, and streets.

Drain Line Replacement: Not so much in newer homes with plastic drains but a lot in older homes built in the 50s or before old drain lines just flat wear out & need replaced. In a lot of cases old metal drains will get rust holes or cracks in them & start falling apart or leaking or smelling. In other cases the old metal drain lines get so many rust scabs on the interior of the pipe that the scabs of rust start causing sludge & debris to start collecting on the interior of the pipe & making the old drain line very difficult to pass a drain cleaning cable through…or maybe you have an old drum trap on your shower or bathtub…What a mess they are. At any rate in some cases you just end up at the point that you’re just better off replacing the old drain with a brand new one than continuing to clean the old one. In some cases we can actually remove the old drain line & replace it with a new one for about the same money that it would take to clean the old one. In the case of drum traps it might even be less expensive to replace the old drum trap & drain than to try to clean the old drain. At any rate we have the diamond blade cutter & tools needed to do this kind of work efficiently & your new drain invariably will perform a lot better than the old one & plug less frequently.

Sewer Jetter and Drain Cleaning: Sometimes sewers, drain lines, corrugated drain tiles, and gutters can become clogged with substances such as mud, grease, yard debris, and sludge ect. These soft types of substances usually cannot be removed with conventional rooter blades. In these instances, we use a sewer jetter . This tool essentially power washes the inside of your drain lines and cleans out the difficult to remove sludge and debris.

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