Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair for Your Kansas City Area Home

Do you need furnace repair in Leawood, KS, Overland Park, Lenexa or elsewhere in the Kansas City metropolitan area? If on a cold Kansas City day, your home feels as chilly as the outdoors, it’s time to have your furnace checked. Here are some items that may have caused your furnace to fail:

  1. Poor maintenance - lack of maintenance causes more breakdowns than just about any other reason. Regular maintenance, includes regularly changing the filter and having your furnace checked by a professional once a year.
  2. Heat exchanger cracks – the process of heating and cooling the air in your home causes the heat exchanger to expand and contract. Sometimes the expanding and contracting can cause the heat exchanger to crack. If you suspect a crack contact Dick Ray Master Plumber Heating & Cooling.
  3. Rust and corrosion – the combination of water vapor, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxides corrodes metal heat exchangers and rusts welded parts. Corrosion and rust can cause a furnace to fail. To determine the extent of repairs needed as result of rust and corrosion, contact Dick Ray Master Plumber Heating & Cooling.
  4. Your furnace is old – A furnace cycles on and off up to 10,000 times per year and this takes a toll on your furnace. Discuss the life expectancy of your furnace with your service technician during your furnace’s annual checkup.

Proper maintenance and repair extends the life and efficiency of furnaces.

For furnace repair in Kansas City, contact Dick Ray Master Plumber Heating & Cooling for New and Old Furnace Repair

Contact Dick Ray Master Plumber Heating & Cooling to make an appointment for one of our trained technicians to inspect your furnace, recommend a maintenance schedule, and to complete necessary furnace repairs.

Since 1949, we have served customers in the Kansas City area with the highest standards in HVAC installation, inspection, repair and maintenance services. Our team will take the time to identify the problems that has caused your furnace to fail. We will provide an estimate for the furnace repair, then repair your furnace with our guarantee.

Furnace Repair and Other Services You Can Rely On

Our service guarantee is backed by our team of certified technicians. Dick Ray Master Plumber Heating & Cooling’s technicians have years of hands on experience with all the leading makes and models of furnaces, including: Trane, Carrier, Ruud, Coleman, and Lennox.

Contact Dick Ray Master Plumber Heating & Cooling to consult our team on how you can reduce your home's heating bills and increase your furnace’s efficiency and life expectancy with annual inspections, repairs, and proper maintenance.

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