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Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Repair, and Installation:
When it comes to furnace and air conditioner repair. We will repair your existing equipment and keep it operating safely and as efficiently as possible or when the time comes, replace it with new high efficiency and high quality Lennox equipment.

Locate Freon Leaks: and repair them using sophisticated dye injection techniques.

Humidifier Service and Installation: A humidifier is the most important piece of indoor air quality equipment a home owner can install in their house. Keeping the humidity at 30% to 50% in the winter time can keep cracks from developing in the woodwork and drywall. It can also prevent nose bleeds and keep unwanted viruses and bacteria out of the air. We have sold Aprilaire for over 30 years because they are the highest quality product out there..

Furnace and Air Conditioner Maintenance Agreements: to make sure your equipment is operating safely and efficiently and keep operating costs down.

Carbon Monoxide Testing: Our servicemen carry state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detectors on their trucks and can quickly and easily test the air in your home, your furnace's heat exchanger or the flue products produced by your furnace for this deadly gas.

Air Purification: Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners, or media filters for allergies or just for better health and cleanliness.

Heat Recovery Ventilators: Modern Homes are often built a lot tighter & that’s a good thing because tight houses are more energy efficient & have lower gas & electric bills…but there can be a downside to a tight house too. They often lack in natural ventilation & can get a stuffy feeling from bathroom & cooking odors…almost like a locker room. You could open the windows for ventilation but that isn’t very energy efficient not to mention it’s not very comfortable to open the window in the dead of winter or in the heat of the summer. The energy efficient way to get good ventilation without the negative energy consequences is to have us install a Heat Recovery Ventilator or HRV in your home.

An HRV will exhaust that stale air from your home and bring in fresh air from outdoors without the negative energy impact. In the winter as that warm but stale air in your home is exhausted to the outdoors it passes the cold fresh air being brought in from outdoors inside of the HRV. As the two air masses pass each other in the HRV they exchange heat & the stale inside air becomes cold before it is exhausted while the fresh outside air becomes warm before it enters your house. In the summer the process is reversed as the stale inside air becomes warm & the fresh outside air being brought in becomes cool before entering your home…So now we have good ventilation for our tight home without the negative energy penalty. Dick Ray has an HRV in his own home.

Electronic Air Cleaners: When your furnace was installed it was installed with a filter to protect the furnace…but not a very good filter. Typical furnace filters which you can buy at the grocery store for a few bucks are designed to remove the big stuff from the air…things that would clog your furnace blower or plug the fins on your air conditioner cooling coil…Big things like chunks of lint, but do these cheapie filters remove the particles that float around in the air that might damage the human body?...No they don’t…Not at all. If you want a filter that will protect you & the occupants of your home or business & if you really want the best filter on the market then you want a Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner which has long been recognized as the best air filter on the market.

This is the air filter that Dick Ray installed in his own home & on several of the air handlers in his business. They just simply are the best there is when it comes to air filtration. So if you have Hay fever or allergies or sinus problems & want to get rid of those pollen spores floating around your home or if you just want to live in as clean of an environment as possible you should have us install a Honeywell whole house Electronic air filter. We install it on the main return duct of your furnace & air conditioning system so that it can clean all of the air in your home not just the air in one room like so many air filters out there.

Another neat thing about Honeywell Air Filters is that there are no filters in it that have to be replaced periodically…Simply wash the two cells in your dishwasher 4 times a year to clean the dirt from them.

WiFi Communicating Thermostats: These days you can do just about anything with a computer or cell phone. If you have cameras installed at your home you can watch your kids…real time…to make sure they got on the school bus okay. There’s just no limit to what you can do with computers these days. It’s really neat.

What about controlling your heating & cooling system or checking the temperature in your home in the winter to make sure that the furnace is operating so the pipes won’t freeze & break & flood your house…If you travel a lot for work or for pleasure either one this can be a real concern. If you’re out of town & your furnace quits & the pipes freeze & break then you will be greeted by a flood & lots of water damage when you get home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get on your computer or I-phone and communicate with the thermostat at your house to make sure the heat is on & that it’s warm in your house. Well we can replace the thermostat in your home with a new WiFi communicating thermostat and you can view and change your thermostat settings from anywhere is the world where you have internet service. Those pipes can never freeze again. When you left home to travel you probably lowered the thermostat setting to 50 degrees to save a little on your gas bill. Well now with a WiFi communicating thermostat you don’t have to wait ‘til you get home to raise the setting back up to 72 degrees. From any computer or phone with internet service you can change your thermostat setting so that it will be nice & warm when you get home.

Humidification Control Systems: We install Aprilaire humidification systems because they’re the best…always have been. The humidifiers themselves have not changed that much in 50 years but there have been vast improvements in the control systems that let humidifiers perform so much better than they could before. Even a humidifier only 10 years old has a way outdated control system by today’s standards & can’t humidify your house the way it should be able to. Even if your humidifier is only 10 years old you should give serious thought to replacing it along with the control system…& make sure that when you get your new Aprilaire that it’s installed with the new state of the art control system. If we install your new humidifier that new state of the art control system is just a given, but with a lot of our competitors that’s not the case & a lot of great Aprilaire humidifiers are installed every day with the old fashioned manual control systems…but not by us.

The new Aprilaire control systems have a lot of neat features but the most important is its outdoor temperature sensor which in combination with a small microprocessor allows the humidifier to automatically adjust its humidifier settings up & down based on outside temperature…a process which used to have to be done manually…which for the most part resulted in it not being done at all. An included blower activation relay also allows the humidity controller to force the air handler blower on in the case where there is a call for more humidity while there is no call for heat. All of these state of the art control features allow a humidifier installed by us to perform much better than humidifiers of the past.

Freon Leak Detection: If you have to add Freon to your air conditioner every year then it has a Freon leak that’s costing you a lot of money. For one thing you have to pay someone to come out every year & add Freon. You know about that expense. The other expense comes in the form of higher electric bills because as your air conditioner operates while low on Freon your electricity costs go up. It’s a subtle thing, but it’s a real expense & can be significant. The good news is that if you want us to we can locate & repair your Freon leak.

Over the years a lot of methods have been devised to locate Freon leaks. Frankly most of them don’t work very well. Naturally the only system that really works well is the one that costs us most to buy, but since it works that’s the only method we use. When we add Freon to your air conditioner we can add a fluorescent dye at the same time. After letting your air conditioner run for a few weeks we return to your house & shine an ultra violet light on all parts of the air conditioner. At the point where the Freon has been leaking out the dye leaks out also & under the ultra violet light the dye glows a bright greenish yellow showing us exactly where the leak is so we can repair it.

High Efficiency Air filters: The air filter that was installed on your furnace when your air conditioner & furnace were installed is probably a cheap little thing specified by the manufacturer of the furnace & air conditioner & designed to filter out of the airflow big pieces of lint & large particles that would clog up the fins on the cooling coil of your air conditioner & clog up the slats on the blower of your furnace causing big problems with both your furnace & air conditioner. These “cheapie” filters which you can buy at any hardware store for a few bucks are a necessary part of every furnace & air conditioner installation as kind of a “bare minimum requirement” to protect your furnace & air conditioner from damage…but there are much better filters that are available for us to install in your home if you want to do a better job of cleaning up the environment in your home and protect not only your furnace & air conditioner but also protect you & your family & your lungs…filters that will do things like removing the really small particles like pollen that cause allergies & hay fever & sinus problems.

Anyway…In all likelihood the filter now on your furnace is not a great filter & we can fix that by installing a really good filtering system that will filter all of the air in your home. Filters like high efficiency media filters or an Electronic Air Cleaners. Ask us about them.

Wireless Thermostats: So you want a new more sophisticated thermostat to replace the old one or you want to install a new thermostat where there never has been one before but it’s going to be just about impossible to run the new wires needed from the thermostat to the furnace & air conditioner down in the basement. Well good news! We can install a new Honeywell wireless thermostat which communicates via Redlink signal with a wireless receiver mounted down near the furnace…It makes pulling in new wires completely unnecessary

Zoning Systems: If you live in a 2 or 3 story house…or any multilevel house for that matter…If it has only one furnace & air conditioner you’ve probably noticed that in the summer the upstairs is warmer than the downstairs or maybe you have some rooms in the basement that are just too cool in the winter…not enough heat. It could be that part of the cure to this problem is for us to install a zoning system by adding a new thermostat for that hot upstairs coupled to dampers installed in the ducts going to registers in different parts of your house so that you can maybe use your existing thermostat to control the temperature downstairs while that new upstairs thermostat controls the temperature upstairs. We can install this kind of zoning system in your house.

High efficiency ECM type motors that use less electricity: Most of the new furnaces we install these days use the new more energy efficient ECM type motors. ECM motors use less electricity than the old PSC type motors which lowers your electricity bill in both the winter & the summer & also raises the SEER efficiency rating of your air conditioner…in most cases about 1 full point. As an added benefit…With the new ECM motors it’s a lot easier to dial in the exact airflow needed for your system.

Variable speed Blower Motors & Control Systems: If you’re the kind of person who really wants the best…When we install your new furnace have us install one with a variable speed blower motor for the ultimate in both comfort & efficiency. A variable speed blower motor system consists of two parts One is a state of the art ECM type blower motor which uses a lot less electricity than the more common but old fashioned PSC type motors which have been around for years. The second part of the system is a circuit board & control system which is used to control the speed of the motor varying the motor speed to maximize comfort & minimize cost of electricity…And talk about quiet…Variable speed blower motors are extremely quiet.

Central Dehumidification Systems: Modern air conditioners are wonderful. Compared to older air conditioners they are so much more efficient & use so much less electricity. They are just great & folks are always amazed at the big drop in their electric bills when we install a new air conditioner for them, but sometimes newer air conditioners don’t do quite as good of a job of removing humidity from the air in your home & sometimes that can be a problem…& of course sometimes there are other factors which can cause humidity removal to be a problem in the heat of the summer too. If humidity control has become an issue in your home we can add a central dehumidification system to your existing air handler which will bring humidity levels in your home down for the ultimate in comfort.

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