Plumbing Repairs & Installation: We’ve been in business since 1949…long enough that we know plumbing systems in older houses as well as new houses in the Leawood, KS, Overland Park or Kansas City areas.

Repairs With Our Backhoe and Dump Truck: No waiting for a sub-contractor to show up when repairs are needed fast to an underground line or septic system. Need to break some concrete? Our backhoe has a hydraulic jack-hammer, if needed.

Underground Plumbing Repairs: Lots of plumbers don’t deal with any kind of plumbing problem if it deals with underground piping or digging, but we’ve been doing that kind of work for years & we’re good at it…including repairs or replacement of underground water supply, gas lines or sewers.

Repairs Under Concrete or Asphalt: Again many plumbers in Leawood, KS, Overland Park or elsewhere in the KC Metro Area don’t like digging & don’t know how to deal with broken pipes under asphalt or concrete including pipes under your basement floor, but we do & we’re good at it. In your basement we’ll use our heavy Bosch electric jackhammer because it doesn’t make a lot of dust to get on everything in your basement like the pneumatic jackhammers do. If the concrete floor needs to be cut with a diamond blade saw we’ll take care of that. We also have a plastic partition wall system we can set up in your basement if need be to isolate the dirty work area from the rest of the basement or house. Neatness & cleanliness is a big deal with us.

Concrete Saws: We have a gasoline powered Clipper diamond-blade concrete saw and an hydraulic powered diamond saw to cut your basement floor without filling your house with gasoline exhaust fumes. We even have an electric powered hand-held model for smaller jobs.

Sewer Gas Leaks and Odors: A lot of plumbers don’t know how to locate the source of sewer odors, but we do & we’re good at it. On a typical job the homeowner has called 2 or 3 other plumbers before calling us & the other plumbers have been unsuccessful at locating the source of the odor. A sewer odor is an annoying & embarrassing problem & when we find & fix the leak using the techniques we have developed over the last 60 years we’re the hero of the day. We can even find sewer odors underground or under concrete…Try us.

Ditch-Witch Trencher: With our trencher we can trench for water or gas lines making only a 4" wide ditch with a machine which pulverizes the dirt like coffee grounds which lets the dirt settle quickly and make less of a mess.

Hydrozion Auger or Directional Boring: With this equipment in many cases we can install a new underground pipe by boring & then pulling the new pipe in as we pull the drill bit out. It makes a nice neat job with minimal digging & lets us lay pipe under driveways & parking lots or under irrigation systems without destroying the irrigation system or paving.

Sinks and Faucets: Pick out materials in our showroom and our mechanics will take care of the rest.

Replacement water lines: Inside the house or underground…When the old steel water lines in your house start developing leaks or they get plugged with lime deposits so bad that the flow is reduced to almost nothing we can fix it by either replacing all of the old lines in the house or just the piping in one area of the house as needed with new water lines…& The new lines will be made of Grade A type PEX or another material which won’t develop leaks or get clogged with lime deposits.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning & Repairs: We offer more thorough sewer services than your average sewer repair companies in Overland Park, Leawood and throughout the region. We have heavy duty Spartan rooters of different sizes depending on the job…bigger heavier machines with more power to cut tree roots out of your main sewer & smaller machines with more flexible cables to get around the tighter turns in your kitchen or disposer or tub or shower drains. We have the right equipment for the job & more importantly the knowledge needed to get the drain open as quickly as possible & in such a way that it will stay open as long as possible. For sewage repair in Prairie Village, KS, Kansas City and beyond, look no further.

Sewer Camera Pipe Inspection: Modern Technology is wonderful. If we determine that your sewer under the basement floor or the sewer line from your house out to the city sewer has a serious problem we will suggest to you that you let us run our sewer inspection video camera through the line all the way from the house to where your line connects to the city sewer. With the sewer camera we can see on a video screen the interior of your entire sewer. When we see a break or problem in the sewer we stop the camera at that point and go out in the yard with a radio receiver to pick up the radio signal put out by a transmitter attached to the sewer camera

Septic System Repairs: Chances are our heavy duty Spartan rooter will cut throughthe roots causing the problem. If not, our backhoe and tandem dump truck are available quickly.

Boiler Service and Installation: Both steam and hot water, commercial or residential. Whether steam or hot water…boiler systems are kind of a lost art in the service business…Unless you’ve been in business a long time & were around when boiler systems were in their heyday & common…Well, we’ve been around since 1949 & have the expertise needed to understand & service boiler systems.

Water Heaters and Garbage Disposers: Your search for hot water heater repair in the Prairie Village, KS, Lenexa and Mission Hills area is over. We service all brands, residential or commercial including boiler systems. We've sold A.O. Smith water heaters and In-Sink-Erator disposers for over 30 years because there's none better. If you need water heater repair services in Overland Park, Leawood, Kansas City or the surrounding areas, call us for a superior experience.

Pipe Thawing and Freeze Protection: Our Trindel electric pipe thawers can quickly thaw frozen metal pipes hidden inside walls or ceilings. After we're done, we'll fix it so the pipe won't freeze again.

Emergency pumps & generators: As the go-to source for emergency plumbers in Leawood, KS, Prairie Village and the surrounding areas, we keep these available in our office for emergency situations.

Diamond Core Drilling equipment:If the job calls for it we have a Milwaukee diamond core drill to drill holes up to 8” in diameter in that concrete wall or floor.

Gas Leak Detection and Repair: Natural gas and propane leaks are nothing to ignore. If you smell gas call us & we’ll locate the source of the leak & fix it whether it’s above ground or below.

Underground Gas Piping: No more underground steel pipe to rust or leak when we do the job. We use heavy High Density Polyethylene gas pipe underground with protective annodeless risers at each end & our McElroy fusion equipment ensures a welded joint that won’t leak…Need to know the exact location of the line in the future?...No problem. We install a copper tracer wire on every job so that the pipe can be easily located in the future if needed.

Backflow Device Testing: State certified testers install, test or rebuild your backflow preventer as required by law. Do you have backflow devices that need their annual required test by a certified tester? We can handle that job & file the required paperwork for you.

Water Softening and Purification: We install a wide variety of water treatment devices to treat your water & make it better including water softeners, sediment filters, UV light purification systems & Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters…& your system will be installed by a real plumber not a plumber wannabe.

Sump Pumps: We service all brands of sump pumps & if yours is beyond repair we can install a new good quality sump pump to replace the old one. Need a pump with a higher pumping capacity than normal? We stock them on our trucks as well & when we replace your old pump with a new one we always replace your check valve with a new one at the same time…Why take chances.

Plumbing Repairs and Installation: We have been around for enough years to know plumbing in older houses as well as new houses.

High Water Pressure: High water pressure causes damage to plumbing fixtures especially to appliances with solenoid valves like laundry machines, refrigerators, ice makers, humidifiers & water softeners or to appliances with more easily damaged plastic parts. The plumbing code calls for installation of a water pressure reducing valve in your home if the water pressure in the city water main supplying your house is over 80 psi. If you have high water pressure & you don’t have such a valve we can install one to protect your plumbing fixtures from the damage caused by high water pressure. If you already have such a valve but it’s old & causing a severe water flow restriction we can replace it with a new valve…& We’ll install a good one with high flow characteristics so you’ll still have good water flow even though the water pressure has been decreased.

Low Water Flow: Do you have a shower faucet or any other faucet for that matter that just doesn’t flow water as well as it should. There’s probably a flow restriction somewhere & we can fix that.

Low Water Pressure: Generally if your house is on a city or rural water main you’re going to have plenty of water pressure, but there are a few areas around where the pressure in the water main is just really low. If you’re in that situation we can install a booster pump on the main water line entering your home to automatically boost the pressure. This is something that even a lot of plumbers are not familiar with, but we are because we’re a cut above the rest. We really are.

Toilet Repair or Replacement: Do you have a toilet that keeps running, leaks or phantom flushes? Do you want to upgrade to a comfort height toilet? We are the toilet pros. We can completely rebuild your existing toilet or replace it with one of our recommended brands such as Kohler, Toto, or Gerber.

Jetter/Hydro Jet or Water Jet Service: There are some instances where a drain line has sludge or other build up that cannot be rootered out. In these circumstance we use a water jetter to remove the sludge and build. This type of repair is very common in laundry rooms, grease traps, and outdoor drain tile.

We serve Overland park, Prairie village, Mission Hills, Leawood, Olathe, Merriam, Mission, Fairway, Westwood, Lenexa, Shawnee, Roeland Park, Stillwell, Bonner Springs, Lake Quivira, Kansas City, Lees Summit (MO and KS).

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