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In the Kansas City area, during seasonal changes, it’s essential that your air conditioner and furnace are working properly to maintain comfort in your home. At Dick Ray Master Plumber, we help the residents and business owners of the Kansas City area with all of their plumbing, heating, cooling and drain cleaning needs.

To guarantee you’ll experience the best heating and cooling services, we’re currently offering a free furnace with the purchase of a matching air conditioner!

Types of Furnaces

Did you know that, with proper annual maintenance, your furnace can last over 10 years? There are four main types of furnace heating systems, including central warm-air furnaces, steam or hot water systems, heat pumps and pipeless furnaces. While each furnace performs the same function — heating your home — each heating system has its own differentiating quality.

Central warm-air furnaces and heat pumps use ducts to transport heat throughout your home. A steam or hot water system supplies heat by distributing hot water through pipes or radiators. Finally, a pipeless furnace is typically located in the basement and transmits heat via a chamber into the rooms above.

How Air Conditioning Systems Work

With an air conditioning system, you not only ensure cool comfort during the summer months, but you can also increase indoor air quality and maintain low humidity. Air conditioning systems typically have two units: an indoor and outdoor piece working together to cool and distribute air throughout your home via a duct system.

Your indoor air quality is improved as the cool air moves throughout your home. When the cold air is circulating through the ducts, the air is pulled through filters that trap dirt and other airborne pollutants.

Buy a New Air Conditioner, Get a Matching Furnace for FREE!

Take advantage of our newest offer today: a free furnace with the purchase of an air conditioner! At Dick Ray Master Plumber, we’ll help you with your large or small projects. Our experts specialize in plumbing repair, heating and cooling maintenance and installations and routine drain cleaning in the Kansas City area.

We pride ourselves on doing your plumbing or HVAC job right the first time, so give us a call today at 913-888-0550 or schedule an appointment online.

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