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A huge part of your daily life revolves around having your home plumbing functioning correctly. When your plumbing isn’t working correctly or isn’t properly maintained, you can have issues with flooding, clogged drains or broken fixtures. But with an annual whole house plumbing inspection, you can avoid some of these costly issues and make sure you always have perfect plumbing.

At Dick Ray Master Plumber, we help the residents of the Kansas City area with their whole house plumbing inspections as well as heating and cooling system installation and maintenance. Our experienced plumbing technicians believe in performing your plumbing job right the first time and use the best materials and technology available.

For our customers’ convenience, we’re currently offering a whole house plumbing inspection for only $49!

Why You Need a Plumbing Inspection

An annual plumbing inspection is an important home maintenance step. They can expand the lifespan of your system and allow you to discover any early developing issues, which can save you money in the future. During your inspection, a plumber will check your home to prevent potential flooding, backed up drains and pipes, hot water loss and any damage to your plumbing or fixtures.

Your Home Plumbing Inspection Checklist

When you schedule a whole home plumbing inspection, a licensed plumber will check the following:

  • Sinks: All of the sinks in your home will have the supply lines and drains checked, be inspected for any leaks and have a garbage disposal operation test performed.
  • Bathtubs and Showers: A plumber will check your bathroom fixtures for leaks and ideal water pressure.
  • Toilets: A plumber will check your toilet for leaks and perform a flush test to ensure all of the parts — supply shutoff valve, flapper and ballcock — are in good condition.
  • Hot Water Heater: During your inspection, a plumbing expert will look at your hot water heater for any rust or corrosion and check the pressure relief valve, the electrical and valve connections, quality of flue pipes, temperature setting and expansion tank pressure. Washing Machine: The functionality of your valves, hoses and drains of your washing machine are checked to prolong the life of your appliance.
  • Other Piping: Also included during your whole home plumbing inspection is a sump pump operation test and a check of your main water valve operation, floor drains and outside hydrants.

Benefits of a Whole House Plumbing Inspection

Besides the potential of saving money in the future, why should you have your plumbing system inspected? A whole home plumbing inspection can secure the investment in your home, add resale value and increase safety. An inspection will check your hot water heater for cracks and holes that could lead to a carbon monoxide leak and ensure the temperature and water pressure are not too high.

Also, a plumbing inspection is extremely useful if you’re interested in purchasing a new home. These inspections can highlight the condition of your plumbing system and reveal any problems you didn’t notice during the walkthrough.

The Best Plumbing Inspection Near You

Check out our latest offer at Dick Ray Master Plumber today — a whole home plumbing inspection for only $49! To learn more or to schedule an appointment today, call 913-888-0550 or complete our online scheduling form.

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