Heating and Air Conditioning Service, Repair, and Installation: When it comes to Furnace or air conditioner repair, we will repair your existing equipment and keep it operating safely and as efficiently as possible or when the time comes, replace it with new high efficient and high quality equipment.

Locate Freon Leaks and repair them using sophisticated dye injection techniques.

Humidifier Service, Repair, and Installation: A humidifier is the most important piece of indoor air quality equipment a home owner can install in their house. Keeping the humidity at 30% to 50% in the winter time can keep cracks from developing in the woodwork and drywall. It can also prevent nose bleeds and keep unwanted viruses and bacteria out of the air. We have sold Aprilaire for over 30 years because they are the highest quality product out there..

Leaky Showers Rebuilt: That old leaky tile shower with the tile falling off the wall and water dripping on the kitchen table can be fixed permanently. Pick tile or an alternative material like Dupont Corian or Swanstone, faucets and shower doors in our showroom and let our men do the rest. Our showers are guaranteed against leaks for 15 years.

Shawnee Mission Plumbing does this all and been doing it SINCE 1949!

Repairs with our Backhoe and Dump Truck: No waiting for sub-contractor to show up when repairs are needed fast to an underground line or septic system. Need to break some concrete? Our backhoe has a hydraulic jack-hammer, if needed.

Concrete Saws: We have a gasoline powered clipped diamond-blade concrete saw and a hydraulic powered diamond saw to cut your basement floor without filling your house with gasoline exhaust fumes. We have an electric powered hand-held model for smaller jobs.

Sewer Gas Leaks and Odors found quickly and efficiently using equipment invented by my dad 25 years ago.

Ditch-Witch Trencher: With our trencher we can trench for water of gas lines making only 4" wide ditch with a machine that pulverizes the dirt like coffee grounds and lets the dirt settle quickly and make less of a mess.

Hydrozion Auger or Directional Boring: With equipment, many times we can install a new underground pipe by boring and then pulling the new pipe in, as well we pull the drill bit out. It makes a nice, neat job with minimal digging and lets us lay pipe under driveways and parking lots without destroying the drive.

Repairs to Piping Under Concrete Floors: Our hydraulic powered concrete diamond saws can cut your basement floor without filling your house with gasoline exhaust fumes.
Sinks and Faucets: Pick out materials in our showroom and our mechanics will take care of the rest.

Plumbing Repairs and Installation: We have been around for enough years to know plumbing in older houses as well as new houses.

Repipe Water Lines: Inside the house or underground to replace those old plugged or leaking steel lines.

Carbon Monoxide Testing: Our servicemen carry state-of-the art carbon monoxide detectors on their trucks and can quickly and easily test the air in your home, your furnace's heat exchanger or the flue products produced by your furnace for this deadly gas.

Sewer Cleaning and Repairs: We have heavy duty Spartan rooters to cut through large roots. if the sewer is broken and we cant get through, we can dig it up quickly with our backhoe and repair it.

Septic System Repairs: Chances are our heavy duty Spartan rooter will cut through the roots causing the problem. If not, our back hoe and tandem dump truck are available quickly.

Boiler Service and Installation: Both steam and hot water, commercial or residential.

Water Heaters and Garbage Disposers: We service all brands, residential or commercial including boiler systems. We've sold A.0. Smith water heaters and In-Sink-Erator disposers for over 30 years because there's none better.

Pipe Thawing and Freeze Protection: Our Trindel electric pipe thawers can quickly thaw frozen metal pipes hidden inside walls or ceilings. After we're done, we'll fix it so the pipe won't freeze again or tell you how to fix it.

Emergency Pumps and Generators: Available in our shop for emergencies.

Diamond Core Drilling Equipment: Our Milwaukee diamond core drill can drill holes in reinforced concrete quickly and neatly.

Drain Cleaning: We are drain cleaning and mainline experts. We use only Spartan rooters because they are the best rooters made. We try to clean your main sewer line when possible. When cleaning is not possible we can usually replace or repair your sewer line within one week.

Gas Leak Detection and Repair: Above or below ground.

Underground Gas Piping: No more steel pipe to rust and leak. We use Phillips Drisco heavy polyethylene gas pipe.Our McElroy fusion equipment ensures a welded joint that won't leak.

Backflow Device Testing: State-certified testers install, test or rebuild your backflow preventer as required by law.

Water Softening and Purification:We install a wide variety of filters and softeners to make your water better.

Air Purification: Merv 16 Merv 11 media filters along with ultra violet air purification systems for allergies or just for better health and cleanliness.

Pump Installation or Repairs: Sump pumps or private water systems with a pump and pressure tank on your well can be repaired or replaced.

Furnace and Air-Conditioning Maintenance Plans to make sure your equipment is operating safely and efficiently and keep operating costs down.

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