Thank you for sending Zach over this morning. He replaced the blower motor in the furnace of a rental property that my wife & I own. He made quick work of the problem. He tried the capacitor, but showed me why that wasn't the problem.

I also thank you for answering the telephone this morning, and for sending Zach right over.

You have assisted me on various plumbing/hvac issues over the phone in the past several years, and 1 also attended a furnace cleaning class at your office.

At my request, Zach placed a "Dick Ray" sticker on the furnace at 516 E. 59th, and I took one home to put on my own furnace. (a Lennox brand)

I have one final request of you. Would you send me some additional stickers in the mail? As of today, there is only one number that I will use for myself or my real estate clients when they ask for a referral. (that's why I need some stickers)

It's all about trust, and I trust you & your company to provide dependable, honest service.

Thank you again, for your assistance on a very stressful day, in stressful economic times.

Kevin Vaughn

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