I have two older rental homes in the KC area and have entered into annual maintenance contracts for the AC and Furnace units in each house with Dick Ray Heating and Cooling for three years now. The reason I keep renewing is that they do a fantastic job of keeping everything running smoothly, they let me know if something is wrong and needs fixing when they perform the routine maintenance checks, they are prompt to appointments, and the staff is extremely friendly and professional.  I have also used them for several plumbing related issues that come up from time to time in a rental unit. In one case, it was something that went wrong over the weekend and with one quick call to Dick, everything got handled promptly and to the satisfaction of our tenants. It is nice to have one company you have confidence in, especially as a remote landlord, who you can turn to to handle all of these situations in a timely, professional, and quality manner. I would highly recommend them!



Mark Kelly

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