I've been putting off writing this review because I wanted to do a good job, but I didn't want to miss my opportunity to applaud a company that provides top notch service and a touch of common sense in a crazy world. I own a rental house that used to be my mom and dad's home. It sits on an acre, and the water supply line is l0000 ng. It developed a leak, evidenced by a permanent muddy patch in the front yard. I called three plumbers who !won't name, and they all said the same thing, almost like they were reading a script. They said that if the line was leaking, it absolutely needed to be replaced from the meter to the house. They gave me three prices ranging from $19,000 to $27,000 for this work. I think that's dangerously close to the value of the house. I was really desperate, and I called Dick Ray at S-M Plumbing. He asked a number of well considered questions over the phone, and suggested that replacing the line should be the last resort (sounds like common sense to me). He suggested that he could send a crew who could dig in the muddy area and try to find and fix the leak, estimated to be $3-$5000. That sounded a lot better than $20,000. And by the way, I'd rather give someone $20,000 to fix my water line if I knew they had exhausted more conservative approaches first, something that no other plumber (out of a total of four) was willing to consider. Anyway, they came out and Dick came too, the leak was fixed in a day, and it cost about $3000, at the low end of my expectations based on our phone calls. Dick Ray's a brilliant plumbing guy, but in talking to him, I'm also convinced that his staff is just as good. They all receive regular (weekly) training and he really encourages professionalism in his staff. I would/will call him the very next time I have a plumbing/heating/cooling problem, because I really think that honesty and common sense should be rewarded. Plus I got my problem solved for thousands less than any of the competing companies I called.

Steve Cobb

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